Sunday, 17 May 2009

No longer just about women at AliBaliJewellery

I'm launching a new range of jewellery for men and a few items have just started to hit my shops. Here is a taster!

First of all, my Imprint Me Silver Cufflinks. I sell a lot of silver fingerprint jewellery on a word of mouth basis and through craft fairs. I will be expanding the range available through my shops, but here are a pair of cufflinks which have proved very popular. I also engrave names on the cufflinks if desired.

Next, I've introduced a couple of unisex ring designs into my shops. Both my Crumpled Silver Wide Ring and my Circles Cut Out Silver Ring have proved popular with men at craft fairs.
Finally, I've just added another pair of cufflinks to extend my Circles Cut out range.

All of these would make great ideas for Fathers Day gifts!
Ali x


Leigh Shepherd said...

These are great! Its so hard to find quality good looking jewellery for men. My husband likes both of your rings. Good luck with these, but I doubt you will need it!

K G Designs said...

The top cufflinks are sooo cool! Love them :) xxx

Mel P said...

These are stunning, I LOVE the finger print cufflinks, but the other are really fab too xxx

ali bali jewellery said...

thanks so much for your comments!!

Magriet said...

The are really good Ali. And just in time for Fathers' Day!

I'm in the process of making cufflinks for a work collegue. It's taking me a while though... :/

GUGAW said...

love your crumpled ring, absolutely gorgeous!