Friday, 8 May 2009

Friday is Folksy: Newly listed

I listed this new pendant / lariat / necklace on Folksy yesterday. Still not sure what to call it! I thought I would have a look at some of my favourite shops on Folksy and see what they have that is also totally fresh and new!

First of all I love This is her latest mixed media canvas.

This handmade long cotton slub cardigan from is just fabulous!!

Another wonderful Meerkat by

Finally, I'm continuing my fascination with fabulous pendants. Here is her latest beautiful offering!!

Ali x


Hats and More said...


I love your choice of pendant. The colours are really pretty.

AMIdesigns said...

oh nice finds! love the cardigan

Mel P said...

Fab, fab , fab lariat I love it. The sea urchin jewellery is one of my favs, her work is soooo beautiful.
Thanks Ali xx

Sabine Little said...

Fab choices! I tagged you on my blog, hope that's okay.